Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Located in New York City – Manhattan, Central Park is the perfect place to go for a picnic, catch a romantic stroll with your significant other, spend time with your children, or spend hours exploring the different areas and experiencing the amazing sights and sounds. The park is large enough that you can always find something new to explore.

Here are ten great things to do in Central Park:

1. The Blockhouse – built to defend New York City during the war of 1812 with Canada & Great Britain. It is the oldest building in central park.

2. Fishing at Harlem Meer – you can fish here for free, but you must share you put the fish back in the lake. You cannot keep it. It is a fun activity that the kids will love.

3. Conservatory Garden – This beautiful garden is based on European architecture with French, English and Italian sections. It has a lot of beautiful flowers, ponds, and nature. It makes you forget that you are in the concrete jungle of New York City.

4. Huddlestone Arch – This beautiful Arch is perfect for those who want to take pictures and videos. It’s been around since 1866.

5. Search The Loch – another beautiful spot to hang out and is not far from the Arch. That is one of the most peaceful places in Central Park.

6. Cleopatra’s Needle – Erected in central park in 1881, this ancient Egyptian Obelisk was built in 1475 BC! It is located directly behind the metropolitan museum of art. It is the oldest public monument in New York City.

7. Whisper Bench – this is a fun and cool stone bench for people to sit.

8. Sail Model Boats in the park – for about 12 dollars for 30 minutes, you get to sail the park on a model rented board and use a remote control to control the boat on the artificial lake.

9. Alice in Wonderland Statue – a beautiful sculpture that attracts a lot of children. People can touch it, climb on top of it, and take pictures.

10. Go To The Central Park Zoo – tickets are about 15$ for adults and 12$ for children. It is a must-see for kids who love animals, and you will enjoy it too.

There are way more things to do in Central Park, but these are the Top Ten things that everyone should try. Central Park is one of the most amazing places in NYC that will help you relax and refresh your mind while touring New York City. Remember to learn more about the city by reading these fun facts about New York City for kids.

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