15 Little Known Facts about the Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are iconic in the NHL. Their passionate fanbase, dynastic Stanley Cup runs, and the iconic blackhawk logo are legendary. But beyond the United Center roars and championship banners, lie unexpected tales and fascinating details waiting to be discovered.

15 Little Known Facts about the Chicago Blackhawks

  1. Original Six Beginnings:
    • The Blackhawks are an Original Six franchise, established in 1926, making them a cornerstone of the NHL’s rich history.
  2. The “Million Dollar Line”:
    • In the 1930s and 40s, the Blackhawks boasted the “Million Dollar Line” featuring Gaye Stewart, Bill Gadsby, and Max Bentley, one of hockey’s most dominant offensive lines.
  3. Bobby Hull: The Golden Jet:
    • Bobby Hull, a phenomenal scorer known for his incredible slap shot, is widely considered one of the greatest Blackhawks of all time.
  4. Stanley Cup Success:
    • The Blackhawks have hoisted the Stanley Cup six times, most recently in 2015, solidifying their place among the NHL’s elite franchises.
  5. The “Russian Rocket”:
    • The arrival of superstar winger, Sergei Fedorov in 1990, electrified Chicago with his dazzling offensive skills and iconic nickname, “The Russian Rocket.”
  6. The Denis Savard Trade:
    • The controversial trade of beloved captain Denis Savard in 1990 led to a Stanley Cup victory for the Montreal Canadiens, leaving a bittersweet mark on Blackhawks fans.
  7. The “Rocky Wirtz Effect”:
    • Rocky Wirtz’s purchase of the team in 2007 ushered in a new era of financial stability and a renewed commitment to winning.
  8. The “Triple Threat”:
    • Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith formed a dynamic core nicknamed the “Triple Threat,” leading the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup championships in the 2010s.
  9. The “Chicago Way”:
    • The Blackhawks’ system of drafting, developing, and acquiring young talent, known as the “Chicago Way,” has been instrumental in their sustained success.
  10. The “Sea of Red”:
    • United Center transforms into a sea of red jerseys during home games, showcasing the intense passion of the Blackhawks fanbase.
  11. “Chelsea Dagger” Goal Song:
    • The energetic song “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis became a beloved goal song, electrifying fans after each Blackhawks goal.
  12. The “Double Doink” Playoff Heartbreak:
    • The 2014 playoffs saw a heartbreaking overtime deflection off both goalposts in a crucial game, becoming known as the “Double Doink” and a symbol of the sport’s unpredictability.
  13. Blackhawks Community Efforts:
    • The Chicago Blackhawks organization is committed to giving back, supporting youth hockey programs and various charitable initiatives within the city.
  14. The Stanley Cup Parade Tradition:
    • Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup parades are legendary, drawing massive crowds and solidifying the team’s place in Chicago’s sporting culture.
  15. From WGN Broadcasts to National Attention:
    • The Blackhawks were originally broadcast on local station WGN, bringing hockey to a wider audience and helping grow the sport nationally.

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