The United States of America is a very diverse country. Each and every single state feels like you are in a different country. Each State has its own flag, laws and regulations, governments and so forth. But The United States as a whole is a nation of immigrants. This is the secret of the country as a nation attracting the best talent and cultures from other countries, all blended into one… creating a superpower the likes the world has never seen.

The United States leads the world in many, many things. Here we will explore some facts the American people and culture.

1. Independence Day is July 4 of every year. It is celebrated to make the day America officially became independent from Great Britain. Families get together and enjoy each others company.

2. The United States is very heavy on consumerism; people buy, buy, buy! Sell, sell, sell, sell. Advertising is everywhere.

3. Americans believe strongly in freedom of speech and all the human rights.

4. Being independent is very important in the United States, an important American value. Most young people start working at the age of 14, and by the age of 18 – their parents can kick them out of the house.

5. Americans work hard, another important American value.

6. Diversity is very important here.

7. Americans consume a lot of power.

8. Americans are big thinkers! Its the first name to go to the moon, so that should tell you enough. This is also reflected in their lifestyle and possessions. Our houses, cars, backyards, etc are bigger than in most countries.

9. Americans are innovative and forward thinkers. As a nation, it always thinks about the future – long term thinking.

10. Americans like things that are fast and easy.

11. To Go Please! Fast food restaurants like Burger King, and McDonald’s know that Americans love this.


12. Steak and barbecue is very important to Americans.

13. Options; Americans like having as many options as possible. For example go into any supermarket, visit the soda section and you will see what we mean. In everything, not just food or beverages. The more options, the better.

14. America is the most generous and welcoming country in the world.

15.Americans like going out to social gathering or just to eat. Movies and entertainment is huge here. America is the world’s leader.

16. Americans love their sports; especially Football, Basketball and Baseball. Football is the most popular

17. The right to protect themselves; a lot of Americans have guns.