Austin FC: Keeping Soccer Weird in Texas Long-Term

Austin FC burst onto the Major League Soccer (MLS) scene in 2018, bringing its distinctive energy and style to the league.

Let’s uncover some compelling facts about Austin FC:

  1. “Keep Austin Weird”: The team embraces Austin’s unofficial motto, injecting a unique and independent spirit into their identity.
  2. Verde & Black Attack: Austin FC’s primary colors are bright “verde” (green) and black, a vibrant combination that stands out in MLS.
  3. The Oaks: The club’s crest features a stylized live oak tree, paying homage to a city landmark and symbolizing strength and resilience.
  4. Home at Q2 Stadium: Austin FC plays at the stunning Q2 Stadium, located in North Austin, with a capacity to hold passionate fans.
  5. Los Verdes: The team’s primary supporter group, “Los Verdes,” is known for its energetic drumming, chanting, and creating an electrifying atmosphere at Q2.
  6. Community Roots: Austin FC is deeply committed to community initiatives, partnering with local organizations to create positive change throughout Austin.
  7. Early Success: Despite being a young expansion team, Austin FC quickly made a name for itself, reaching the Western Conference Semifinals in 2021 and the Conference Finals in 2022.
  8. Driussi Power: Argentinian star Sebastián Driussi has become a fan favorite and a key player, known for his creative playmaking and clinical finishing.
  9. “The Legend” Coach: Josh Wolff, Austin FC’s head coach, is a former US National Team player and respected figure in American soccer.
  10. “4ATX” Foundation: The club’s charitable arm focuses on health, education, and providing opportunities for underprivileged youth to play soccer.
  11. Developing Talent: The Austin FC Academy aims to nurture the next generation of soccer stars within the Central Texas region.
  12. Lone Star Rivalry: Austin FC shares a natural in-state rivalry with other Texas MLS teams, FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo.
  13. Global Ambition: The club actively recruits talented players from around the world, adding diverse skills and experience to their squad.
  14. Celebratory Anthems: “Dale, Dale, Dale ATX” is a popular fan chant while Matthew McConaughey, team co-owner and Austin icon, occasionally leads “Verde!” chants.
  15. Championship Chasers: Austin FC’s rapid rise suggests they have the drive and ambition to contend for titles and become an MLS powerhouse.

Conclusion Austin FC embodies the unique spirit of their city while bringing exciting, attacking soccer to Major League Soccer. Their passionate fans, community commitment, and on-field success make Austin FC a thrilling team to watch and a significant force in the ever-evolving world of American soccer.

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