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Located on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House is where all “the magic happens”. This huge white mansion is where the executive branch of the United States does most of its work, and it is also where the President lives. It is a beautiful white neoclassical palladian style building. The level of thought, creativity and patience that went into creating this magnificent house is absolutely incredible and we hope you learn something about the White House with these facts below.

15 Cool, Fun and Incredible Facts About The White House.

1. The White House is the imagination and creation of Irish architect James Hoban. He took ideas from the Leinster House, Ireland’s parliament.

2. It took about 8 years to build and complete the White House (October 13, 1792 – November 1, 1800).

3. Before it was known as “The White House”, it had various names; the Executive, the President’s Palace, and the President’s House”.

4. President John Tyler (1841-1845) was the first person to get his picture taken in the White House.

5. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt decided it should have 1 official title, and gave it the official title of “the White House”.

6. Construction began just over 10 years after the United States became an independent nation.

7. Even though the White House does not look big compared to a castle, its huge; it has at least 32 bathrooms, 132 rooms.

8. It also has 3 elevators, 7 staircases, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces and 412 doors.

9. For leisure and entertainment; there are a number of facilities – bowling lane, tennis court, basketball court which Obama installed, billboard room, movie theatre, and a jogging track.

10. The White House has a minimum of 5 chefs at all times, and can serve over 100 guests.

11. The White House gets about 8,000 visitors every single day by people from all the World, and the United States.

12. The White House includes; the West Wing, East Wing, Executive Residence and Eisenhower Executive Office Building (where staff work).

13. Unfortunately the first President of the United States George Washington is the odd man out. He is the only one who never lived in the White House even though he approved the design, location and everything.

14. The second President of the US John Adams was the first person to call the White House home.

15. The White House was burnt significantly by the British in the war of 1812 when the United States tried to invade Canada. This was retaliation because US forces did the same to Canada’s Parliament.

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Written by Scott Ross

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