Florida Facts


The sunshine State of Florida is the third largest state in the United States of America and is situated in the southeastern part of the country. Its name comes from "Floris Viscounts," who was granted to Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon for his brave efforts during his explorations. It comprises over 100 counties, and has a population that exceeds 21 million people after Texas and California. It has a subtropical climate with hot humid summers, mild winters. The state has a thriving economy, and attracts tourists from all around the world every year; and furthermore, there is no state income tax. The current governor of Florida is Ronald Dion DeSantis as of January 8, 2019.

Check out 13 very fascinating facts about Florida

1. Florida officially joined the United States on March 3, 1845, making it the 27th state to be admitted into the Union.

2. The capital city of the state is Tallahassee and its most populous municipality is Jacksonville.


3. Florida has a GDP of about $1.0 trillion, the fourth-largest in U.S., and if it were a country, Florida would be the 16th-largest economy in the world.

4. Even though English is the official language, Spanish is widely spoken in the state, thanks to a huge influx of Cubans, Dominicans and other Latin Americans, as well as a lot of other Spanish-speakers who immigrated from Puerto Rico.

5. The state is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida.

6. The Miami metropolitan area, with a population of almost 6.2 million, is the most populous urban area in Florida and the seventh-most populous in the United States.

7. Florida is home to Disneyland in Orlando.

8. Native Americans had been living in Florida for at least 14,000 years prior to the first European contact made in 1513 by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, who called it la Florida because it was Easter upon landing there.

9. Florida's state tax free system has made it an attractive destination for billionaires and millionaires from New York, California, and from across the country.

10. Florida is known as the "Sunshine State" due to its pleasant climate and abundance of sunshine. Its tropical climate makes it an attractive place for retirees and people from warm countries.

11. Florida is the only state besides Hawaii with a tropical climate.


12. There are also several hundred thousand people who live in unincorporated areas and townships.

13. Florida is home to the Everglades National Park. The park is a rich and unique ecosystem that features hundreds of unique plant and animal species, including the American crocodile, Florida panther, manatee, roseate piglet, American Alligator and the West Indian Manatee. It is also home to many other animals like the gopher tortoise (the largest burrowing creature in the United States), white-tailed deer, armadillos (the largest member of the order Primates), and Everglades mice.

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