Funny Less Known Facts About Washington DC

Washington DC, the heart of American democracy, is a city steeped in history and political power. Beyond the White House and the Capitol Building, this fascinating place hides all sorts of quirky secrets and surprising stories.

Let’s uncover some of these lesser-known gems:

  • 1. Bathtubs in the Capitol? Believe it or not, there are marble bathtubs hidden within the US Capitol Building, a remnant from a time before indoor plumbing was common.
  • 2. Presidential Movie Buff: President Jimmy Carter was an avid movie fan and had a special theater built within the White House.
  • 3. When Alligators Roamed the White House: Legend has it, two presidents – John Quincy Adams and Herbert Hoover – kept pet alligators in the White House!
  • 4. That’s Nuts About Wine: DC residents hold the title for the highest wine consumption per person in the US.
  • 5. Missing “J” Street: Intentionally or not, Washington DC was designed without a “J” street. Theories abound as to why!
  • 6. Darth Vader’s DC Residence: Look closely, and you’ll find a grotesque of Darth Vader sculpted into the National Cathedral’s northwest tower.
  • 7. Tunnels Beneath the City: A network of tunnels runs beneath the Capitol Building, some dating back to the Civil War era.
  • 8. George Washington’s Unfinished Tomb: Beneath the Capitol Building lies a crypt built for George Washington, but it remains empty to this day.
  • 9. DC Subways are Busy! The DC Metro system is the second busiest in the United States, transporting millions of people each year.
  • 10. Not Always “Washington”: Washington Football Team (now the Commanders) has roots outside the city. It was originally a Boston-based team!
  • 11. Elevators Fit for a King (or Senator): Some elevators in the Capitol Building are exclusively reserved for use by Senators and high-ranking officials.
  • 12. It Wasn’t Always the White House: Before it was painted white, the president’s house went by nicknames like the “President’s Palace” or simply the “President’s House”.
  • 13. President Washington, City Planner?: George Washington never actually lived in the White House, but he played a crucial role in selecting the city’s location and hiring the architect who designed the presidential residence.
  • 14. Massive but Still Smaller Than It Was: The ‘District of Columbia’ originally included land in both Maryland and Virginia. The portion in Virginia was later returned.
  • 15. Fish Market with a Long History: The Maine Avenue Fish Market is the oldest continuously operating open-air fish market in the United States!

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