Little Known Facts About the Boston Celtics

Think you know everything about the iconic Boston Celtics? Their record-breaking championships, legendary players, and fierce rivalries might be familiar – but get ready to dive deeper! We’re about to uncover some surprising, quirky, and maybe even a little unbelievable facts about your favorite team in green.

1. A Leprechaun Named… Lucky?

The Celtics’ mascot might be one of the most recognizable in sports. But did you know his name, Lucky the Leprechaun, was chosen to honor Boston’s large Irish population?

2. First Team, First Draft Drama

The Celtics made history by being the first NBA team to draft an African-American player, Chuck Cooper, in 1950. Sadly, another team snatched him up before Boston’s next pick.

3. Home Court Advantage? Not Always…

While the TD Garden is now synonymous with the Celtics, they once played some “home” games in Hartford, Connecticut!

4. Red, the Coaching Legend

Red Auerbach lit up victory cigars and won a ton of championships as a coach. But he was also the Celtics’ General Manager for decades! Talk about multi-tasking.

5. A Dynasty is Born (and Goes Unmatched)

The Celtics went on an epic winning streak, snagging 8 consecutive NBA championships from 1959-1966. No team has ever matched this feat.

6. Not Just Basketball Fans

Ice hockey fan? Thank a Celtic! The original owner of the Boston Bruins was also the founder of the Boston Celtics.

7. Record Breaker by an Inch!

Larry Bird isn’t just a Celtics legend, he’s an NBA legend. With a height of 6 feet 9 inches, he’s one of the shortest players to ever snag three MVP titles.

8. Bill Russell, the Ringmaster

Speaking of legends, Bill Russell won a whopping eleven NBA championships with the Celtics. That’s the most championship rings for any player in NBA history!

9. The 60-Point Club, Small But Mighty

Only five players in Celtics history have cracked the elusive 60-point game mark. Guess who holds the top two spots? Mr. Larry Bird himself.

10. No Love Lost for L.A.

Celtics vs. Lakers is the ultimate rivalry. They’ve faced off in the NBA Finals a record 12 times! (Boston usually wins, just saying…)

11. Timeout… for a Smoke Break?

Back in the early days, players and coaches could sometimes be spotted taking a quick smoke break during a game. Yikes, times have changed!

12. Parquet Pride

The Boston Garden’s iconic parquet floor was unique! Made of various types of wood, it added to the mystique of the Celtics’ home court.

13. Not So Superstitious

Paul Pierce, a Celtics star, had a pre-game ritual: he had to be the last player out of the locker room. Was it lucky or just his way of focusing?

14. That Winning Green

Ever wonder why the Celtics wear green? It goes back to their Irish roots and that lucky leprechaun mascot.

15. It’s a Family Affair

Several Celtics players have kept it in the family! Ray Allen’s dad played for the team, and Doc Rivers even coached his own son, Austin Rivers.

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