Little Known Facts about the Columbus Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets bring energy and a passionate fanbase to Nationwide Arena. But beyond the spirited atmosphere and their iconic goal cannon lie unexpected tales that shape their young history. Get ready to discover the surprising side of hockey in Ohio.

15 Little Known Facts about the Columbus Blue Jackets

  1. An Expansion Sibling:
    • The Blue Jackets entered the league in 2000 along with the Minnesota Wild, marking an NHL expansion.
  2. The “Civil War” Rivalry:
    • The Blue Jackets share an in-state rivalry with the Cincinnati Bengals, dubbed the “Civil War” between Ohio’s football and hockey fans.
  3. Mr. Blue Jackets:
    • Rick Nash was the team’s first true superstar, a goal-scoring force and franchise icon during the early years of the team.
  4. The Nationwide Connection:
    • The Blue Jackets’ home arena, Nationwide Arena, is named after the insurance giant headquartered in Columbus.
  5. The Cannon Blast:
    • After each Blue Jackets goal, a replica 1857 Civil War cannon fires, a loud and beloved tradition unique to Columbus.
  6. Stinger the Mascot:
    • Stinger, the Blue Jackets’ anthropomorphic yellow jacket mascot, adds a touch of fun to the game-day experience.
  7. Bob the Builder:
    • Before their playoff run in recent years, the Blue Jackets fans jokingly referred to coach Bobrovsky as “Bob the Builder” due to his focus on building the team for the future.
  8. The First Captain:
    • Lyle Odelein served as the first captain in Blue Jackets history, a gritty defenseman who set the tone for the young franchise.
  9. Foligno Fury:
    • Nick Foligno was a heart and soul player known for his passionate style and leadership during his time in Columbus.
  10. The “Swiss Army Knife”:
    • Versatile forward Cam Atkinson was nicknamed the “Swiss Army Knife” because of his ability to play in all situations and contribute in various ways.
  11. The “Bread” Line:
    • The trio of Artemi Panarin, Pierre-Luc Dubois, and Cam Atkinson earned the endearing nickname “Bread Line” due to Panarin’s nickname of “Breadman”.
  12. Unexpected Playoff Success:
    • In 2019, the Blue Jackets shocked the league by sweeping the heavily-favored Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the playoffs.
  13. Drafting a Franchise Goalie:
    • The Blue Jackets selected goalie Elvis Merzlikins, who’s become a steady presence, proving to be a shrewd draft choice.
  14. The “Fifth Line”:
    • Blue Jackets fans are known as the “Fifth Line,” representing their dedication and impact as an extension of the team.
  15. Giving Back to the Community:
    • The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation contributes to charitable causes throughout Ohio, working to support youth hockey and other initiatives.

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