Maine Facts


Nicknamed the Pine Tree State, the U.S. state of Maine is located in the classic region of New England in the United States bordered by Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. Maine does not get as much international recognition as New York, California or Texas but it is a beautiful and peaceful state with some of the most hard-working and generous Americans. In this article, you are going to discover some cool facts about Maine, history, wildlife and more.

15 Interesting and fascinating facts about the state of Maine

1. Maine has an estimated population of 1.4 million people, making it the least populated state east of the Mississippi River. It is the biggest state in New England.

2. Native peoples of the state of Maine, including the Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, Penobscot, Androscoggin, and Kennebec, spoke an Algonquian language.

3. The capital city of Maine is Augusta (population of about 19,000) and the largest city is Portland (population of about 69,000).

4. Maine became the 23rd U.S. state on March 15, 1820.

5. It has been named for four U.S. Navy ships, including the USS Maine (ACR-1), whose sinking (1898) precipitated the Spanish-American War.

6. To the west of Maine is the state of New Hampshire and the provinces of New Brunswick, as well as Quebec to the northeast and northwest. Therefore, the state of Maine is the only state in the United States that is bordered by one state.

7. The beautiful state of Maine is responsible for at least 85% of the U.S.’s lobsters supply. Around 40 million pounds of lobster are caught off the coast of Maine each year.

8. Maine is home to some interesting wildlife, including the Canada lynx, bald and golden eagles, bobcats, black bears, moose and more. The moose is the official state animal.

9. Over 95% of all blueberries in the United States come from Maine.

10. Maine is one of the coldest states in the country and the second coldest state in the spring.

11. Over 85% of the state is covered in forests, making trees among the state's most natural resources. Trees are used for lumber and maple syrup.

12. Maine is also home to a large production of tourmaline crystals, limestone and gravel.

13. With over 300 million copies sold... legendary author of supernational fiction, horror, crime, suspense and fantasy novels Stephen King was born in the state of Maine.

14. Maine is famously known for having lots of lighthouses. It has over 55 of them!

15. Maine is home to over 540,000 acres of state and national parks.