Rip City Pride: The Portland Trail Blazers And Their Fans

Portland, Oregon isn’t just known for its quirky culture and craft brews – it’s also home to one of the NBA’s most passionate and loyal fanbases, the supporters of the Portland Trail Blazers. This team has a rich history marked by electrifying moments, legendary players, and a spirit that embodies the unique flavor of the Pacific Northwest.

The Birth of a Basketball Legend

The Blazers joined the NBA in 1970, and it didn’t take long for them to make a splash. In just their seventh season, led by the charismatic Bill Walton, they stormed through the playoffs and captured their first (and so far, only) NBA championship in 1977. That victory sparked a city-wide frenzy that earned Portland its famous nickname: Rip City!

Icons and Eras

Over the years, the Trail Blazers have been home to some of the NBA’s greatest stars. From the electrifying Clyde “The Glide” Drexler in the 80s and 90s to the shot-blocking Rasheed Wallace of the early 2000s, the team has always boasted exciting players. And, of course, there’s Damian Lillard, the Blazers’ current superstar. “Dame” as he’s known, is a scoring machine and one of the most clutch performers in the league, with a knack for hitting jaw-dropping buzzer-beaters.

More Than Just Basketball

The Trail Blazers are more than just a basketball team; they’re a pillar of the Portland community. The team’s commitment to social responsibility and community involvement is a core part of its identity. Players and coaches regularly participate in outreach programs, charitable events, and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people throughout the region.

The Unmistakable Spirit of Rip City

The atmosphere at a Trail Blazers home game in the Moda Center is something special. The crowd, known for its unwavering loyalty, passion, and occasional quirkiness, provides a true home-court advantage. The roar of “Rip City!” fills the arena, creating an electric environment that fuels the team and sends shivers down the spines of opponents.

Looking Forward

While Damian Lillard’s departure left a big hole in the Blazers’ lineup, the team is still building a winning culture. A talented young core of players, including Anfernee Simons and Jabari Walker, shows promise for the future. The Blazers remain committed to finding success and keeping Rip City proud. The team’s dedication to building a winning culture, combined with the unwavering support of Rip City, makes the future bright in Portland.

Did You Know?

  • The Trail Blazers were named in a fan contest, with the name referencing the historic Lewis and Clark Trail which ended near Portland.
  • “Rip City!” originated with Blazers’ legendary play-by-play announcer Bill Schonely, who would exclaim it during exciting moments.
  • The Blazers were known for a brief stint as the “Jail Blazers” in the early 2000s, a nickname resulting from a few players’ off-court troubles. They quickly worked to change that image.

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