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The San Antonio Spurs are a professional basketball team from San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1967, the Spurs started as an American Basketball Association charter member. In 1976, they were one of two ABA teams admitted into the National Basketball Association following the ABA-NBA merger. 

The Spurs have been one of the most successful teams in NBA History: and on the list of most NBA championships won by a franchise… the Spurs rank number 5 with 5 NBA Championships (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014). They are also tied for the longest streak of appearances in the NBA playoffs history with the Philadephia Sixers.

Facts About the San Antonio Spurs

1. Peter Holt owns the Spurs under management by his company Spurs Sports & Entertainment. The Spurs were purchased in 1993 for $75 million by local businessman Peter Holt and 22 other investors.

2. The team plays its home games at the famous AT&T Center.

3. As of 2021, the team is worth an estimated 1.85 billion U.S. dollars.

4. One of the Spurs’ early stars was George “Iceman” Gervin, a forward who led the team to success and won multiple accolades, four-time NBA scoring champion (1978–1980, 1982), nine times All-Star, and more.

5. Nicknamed “the Admiral” because of his service in the U.S. Navy, David Robinson is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. He is currently a minority owner in the team. He is a two-time NBA Champion (1999, 2003), NBA Rookie of the Year (1990), and so much more.

6. In 1992, Robinson teamed with sharpshooting guard Michael Jordan to lead the U.S. men’s basketball team to a gold medal in the Summer Olympics. A very talented U.S. squad nicknamed “The Dream Team”.

7. In 2003, Robinson announced his retirement from the NBA after over ten very successful seasons with San Antonio. However, he has continued to participate in charity events and other functions on behalf of the Spurs organization.

8. Manu Ginóbili, a small forward who debuted with the Spurs in the 2002-2003 season, reached the NBA Finals for the first time in 2005. In addition, he was named the league’s Most Improved Player for that season.

9. The Spurs’ popularity is due in part to their team name, which has become synonymous with sports excellence in Texas.

10. The Spurs is one of the most successful teams in the NBA, on and off the court – a culture of excellence. As a result, many teams have used the Spurs’ model for success.

11. The team’s current head coach and team president is Gregg Popovich, one of the best coaches to ever coach in the NBA.

12. The team has faced stiff competition from their longtime rivals, the Dallas Mavericks, who won their only NBA championship in 2011.

13. With Duncan, Parker and Ginóbili on the roster, the Spurs became a dynasty, winning 4 NBA Championships – 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014.

14. Selected with the 1st overall pick in the 1997 NBA draft, Tim Duncan is widely considered the greatest power forward in the history of the NBA. He is a five-time NBA champion and has MVPs in the regular season, the NBA Finals, and much more. He retired in 2016.

15. In 2001, Tony Parker played his first game for the Spurs. He was only 19 years old.

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