15 Fun Facts About the Miami Dolphins You Should Know

The Miami Dolphins are a South Florida legend, but even the most devoted fans might be surprised by some lesser-known tidbits about their favorite team.

Let’s dive into some deep cuts of Dolphins history:

  1. Almost-Named: Did you know the Dolphins could have been the Miami Suns, Miami Bulls, or even the Miami Mariners? Glad they went with the iconic Dolphins!
  2. Perfect, For a While: The 1972 Dolphins’ perfect season stands alone in NFL history. But did you know their Super Bowl VII opponents, the Washington Redskins, almost spoiled the party by taking a brief lead near the end of the game?
  3. Coaching Legends: Don Shula is the NFL‘s all-time winningest coach, and most of those victories came while leading the Dolphins!
  4. Snowbirds: In 1985, a rare December snowstorm in Miami made the Dolphins’ home field more like a winter wonderland than a tropical paradise.
  5. Dan the Man’s the Man: Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino holds a ton of NFL passing records, many of them set during his time leading the Dolphins.
  6. The Original “Killer B’s” Defense: Before the Pittsburgh Steelers’ famous line, Miami had linebacker stars named Bob Brudzinski, Bill Barnett, and Kim Bokamper, earning the nickname the “Killer B’s” defense in the 1970s.
  7. Running Wild: The Dolphins had the NFL’s first-ever pair of 1000-yard rushers in a season, Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris in 1972.
  8. Longest Game Ever: Miami played in the longest game in NFL history, a 1982 playoff classic against the Chargers that lasted into double overtime.
  9. Fake Spike Fiasco: In 1994, Dan Marino fooled the Jets defense with his infamous fake spike but threw an interception instead of a winning touchdown. Yikes!
  1. More Than Football: The team’s founder, Joe Robbie, also built the stadium itself, now known as Hard Rock Stadium, which hosts major events beyond just football.
  2. Throwback Cool Miami occasionally rocks their awesome throwback uniforms as a nod to their history.
  3. A Different Kind of Mascot: Did you know the very first Miami Dolphins mascot was a real live dolphin named Flipper?
  4. Celebrity Fans: Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Serena Williams are just a few of many superstars who are die-hard Dolphins fans.
  5. Coaching Tree: The Dolphins have spawned loads of successful coaches across the NFL, many of whom got their start under Don Shula.
  6. Playoffs?! The Dolphins have had some memorable playoff runs, but also hold one of the longest playoff droughts of any team.

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