15 Little-Known Facts About the Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have a rich history, electrifying players, and a passionate fan base.

Here’s a look beyond the obvious:

  1. Los Angeles Originals: The Chargers were founded in Los Angeles in 1960 but spent most of their history in San Diego before moving back to LA in 2017.
  2. AFL Roots: Similar to several other teams, the Chargers were a founding member of the American Football League (AFL) before it merged with the NFL.
  3. Powder Blue Power: The Chargers are known for their iconic powder blue jerseys, considered one of the best uniforms in all of sports.
  4. Holy Roller: One of the most infamous and controversial plays in NFL history, nicknamed the “Holy Roller,” occurred in a 1978 game involving the Chargers and Raiders.
  5. Air Coryell: Coach Don Coryell led the Chargers in the late 70s and early 80s, pioneering a passing-focused offense that revolutionized the NFL.
  6. Dan Fouts the Legend: Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts was the face of the “Air Coryell” era, shattering passing records throughout his career.
  7. Prolific Passers: The Chargers have a history of great quarterbacks beyond Fouts, including Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, and now rising star Justin Herbert.
  8. LaDainian’s Legacy: Running back LaDainian Tomlinson is considered one of the greatest Chargers ever, and one of the best running backs in NFL history.
  9. Junior Seau’s Spirit: Linebacker Junior Seau, a beloved figure in San Diego, was the heart and soul of the Chargers’ defense for many years.
  10. Tight End Tradition: The Chargers have a history of great tight ends, most notably Antonio Gates and Kellen Winslow Sr., redefining the position.
  11. So Close, Yet So Far: The Chargers’ Super Bowl appearance in 1994 remains their only trip to the big game.
  12. The Martyball Era: Former coach Marty Schottenheimer led the Chargers to consistent success but never managed to reach the Super Bowl.
  13. Riverboat Ron: Philip Rivers’ aggressive, risk-taking style earned him this fun nickname during his time as Chargers quarterback.
  14. Fight Song! The Chargers have one of the most recognizable fight songs in the NFL, sure to get fans pumped up.
  15. Stubhub…oops… SoFi: The Chargers play their home games at the impressive SoFi Stadium, which they share with the Los Angeles Rams.

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