Little Known Facts About the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are known for their high-scoring offense and superstar center Nikola Jokić, but their history is filled with twists and turns.

Here’s a look at some lesser-known nuggets about this team:

  1. The Rockets…Then Nuggets: They started in 1967 under the name Denver Rockets as part of the ABA. They switched to Nuggets in 1974 to avoid confusion with the NBA’s Houston Rockets.
  2. Colorful Uniforms: The Nuggets once sported iconic rainbow skyline uniforms during the 1980s. These retro jerseys remain a fan favorite.
  3. The Mile-High Advantage? Playing at altitude in Denver can give teams an edge. Thinner air can tire opponents not used to it.
  4. High-Scoring History: The Nuggets hold the record for the highest combined score in an NBA game when they defeated the Detroit Pistons 186-184 in triple overtime in 1983.
  5. Dikembe the Legend: Dikembe Mutombo was a defensive powerhouse known for his shot-blocking and iconic finger wag. He’s a beloved Nuggets legend.
  6. Underdog Upset: In 1994, the 8th-seed Nuggets made history by defeating the top-seeded Seattle SuperSonics, a major playoff upset.
  7. Melo’s Scoring Spree: Carmelo Anthony was a prolific scorer for the Nuggets, known for his midrange game and offensive clutchness.
  8. Jokic the MVP: Nikola Jokić has made history by becoming a back-to-back MVP winner, known for his unique playmaking abilities and basketball IQ.
  9. Rocky the Mascot: Rocky the Mountain Lion is one of the most entertaining mascots in the NBA with his acrobatic dunks and crowd-pumping antics.
  10. The ABA Legacy: The Nuggets carry a legacy of the ABA league, which prioritized a fast-paced, entertaining style of basketball.
  11. Record-breaking Drafts The Nuggets boast an impressive track record with international draft picks, including Nikola Jokić (Serbia) and Jusuf Nurkic (Bosnia).
  12. Loyal Fanbase Despite not having a championship, Nuggets fans are known for their passion and dedication. The arena maintains a lively atmosphere.
  13. From Doug Moe to Michael Malone Doug Moe was a coaching legend during the Nuggets’ high-scoring ABA days. Current coach Michael Malone emphasizes a balanced team approach.
  14. Changing Colors Over the years, the Nuggets have changed colors several times, from red, white, and blue, to the rainbow era, to today’s navy, gold, and red.
  15. Giving Back The Nuggets are active in community work through the Kroenke Sports Charities, focusing on youth programs and local initiatives.

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