Little Known Facts About the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves are an up-and-coming team with young stars like Anthony Edwards. But beyond the court, there are surprising stories woven into the team’s history.

Let’s explore them!

  1. The Name Game: Minnesota held a “name the team” contest in 1986. “Timberwolves” beat out “Polars” in fan voting, reflecting the state’s wildlife.
  2. Early Years Struggle: Like many expansion teams, the Timberwolves faced early challenges, enduring losing seasons before making their first playoff appearance.
  3. Kevin Garnett, The Franchise Icon: KG arrived in 1995, a dynamic forward who put the team on the map. He remains the all-time franchise leader in many categories.
  4. The Flip Saunders Era: Flip Saunders was the longest-tenured head coach in franchise history, known for his player development and team-building.
  5. Almost Moved to New Orleans: The Timberwolves were nearly relocated to New Orleans in 2002, but a local ownership group stepped in to keep the team in Minnesota.
  6. The Target Center: The Timberwolves play in the iconic Target Center since 1990 to present, known for its loud and passionate fans.
  7. Kevin Love: Double-Double Machine: Before joining the Cavaliers, Kevin Love was a star for the Timberwolves, known for his rebounding and scoring.
  8. Draft Day Success: The Timberwolves landed top picks like Karl-Anthony Towns (2015) and Anthony Edwards (2020), building a young core with star potential.
  9. Ricky Rubio: The Spanish Flair: Ricky Rubio was a fan favorite during his two stints with the Timberwolves, known for his flashy passes and infectious energy.
  10. Timberwolves Giving Back: The team supports charitable initiatives focusing on youth education, wellness programs, and community outreach.
  11. Crunch the Wolf: The Energetic Mascot Crunch the Wolf keeps the crowd hyped with his playful antics, high-flying dunks, and infectious energy.
  12. Jimmy Butler’s Brief but Impactful Era: Jimmy Butler’s brief stint helped bring the Timberwolves back to the playoffs, leaving a lasting impression on the franchise.
  13. Loyal Fanbase in the Land of 10,000 Lakes Timberwolves fans are known for their passionate support, braving the cold to fill the Target Center.
  14. The Lynx Connection: The Minnesota Lynx are the Timberwolves’ sister team in the WNBA, sharing ownership and a commitment to success.
  15. A Bright Future Ahead: With young stars like Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns, the Timberwolves are poised for a resurgence in the competitive Western Conference.

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