Little Known Facts about the Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals are synonymous with superstar Alex Ovechkin, a fierce rivalry with the Penguins, and their long-awaited Stanley Cup victory. But beyond the “Rock the Red” frenzy and the roar of Capital One Arena lies a wealth of fascinating details. Prepare to discover the surprising side of Washington’s hockey heroes.

15 Little Known Facts about the Washington Capitals

  1. Humble Beginnings
    • The Capitals were terrible in their early years, enduring multiple seasons with abysmal records and sparse crowds.
  2. Screaming Eagle Logo
  • The original Capitals logo was a fierce red, white, and blue eagle, a stark contrast to the sleek design they sport today.
  1. Ovechkin’s Arrival
    • Drafting Alex Ovechkin, a.k.a. “Ovi” or “The Great Eight”, in 2004 transformed the franchise, making them a consistent contender.
  2. Rock the Red
    • The passionate “Rock the Red” rally cry has been a fixture at Capitals home games for years, symbolizing fan fervor.
  3. Playoff Heartbreak
    • For decades, the Capitals suffered crushing playoff losses and collapses, becoming known for falling short despite regular season success.
  4. Kolzig the Legend
    • Goalie Olaf Kolzig was a fan favorite during the 1990s and early 2000s, his acrobatic saves thrilling the early Capitals fanbase.
  5. The Bondra Blaster
    • Peter Bondra, the Capitals’ all-time goal-scoring leader (before Ovechkin), was a sniper known for his powerful and accurate shot.
  6. Trading a Star
    • In 1982, the Capitals traded star players Ryan Walter and Rick Green to the Montreal Canadiens for a package of players who never panned out, considered one of Washington’s worst trades.
  7. Coaching Turnover
    • Before Bruce Boudreau’s successful tenure behind the bench, the Capitals went through numerous coaches, struggling to find stability.
  8. The Winter Classic
    • The Capitals and Penguins faced off in the first outdoor NHL Winter Classic in 2008, a captivating spectacle played in a snowy football stadium.
  9. You Can’t Beat Us Chant
    • At home games, Capitals fans chant “You Can’t Beat Us!” after the national anthem, a show of team pride and defiance.
  10. The Beagle Brigade
    • Nicknamed after their tenacious playing style, the “Beagle Brigade” (Jay Beagle, Brooks Laich, and Joel Ward) were fan favorites known for their grit in the mid-2010s.
  11. Backstrom the Assist Master
    • Nicklas Backstrom, an elite playmaker, is the Capitals’ all-time assist leader and a vital part of Alex Ovechkin’s scoring success.
  12. Finally Champions
    • In 2018, the Capitals finally broke their Stanley Cup curse, defeating the Vegas Golden Knights in an emotional and historic victory.
  13. Community Commitment
    • The Washington Capitals organization supports youth hockey programs and charitable organizations throughout the DC area.

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