Milwaukee: Brew City, Cream City, and a Whole Lot More

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You may know it as the home of legendary breweries or its nickname “Cream City” thanks to the distinctive cream-colored bricks used in many of its buildings. But Milwaukee is much more than just beer and bricks! It’s a vibrant city on the shores of Lake Michigan that blends a fascinating history with exciting attractions, a thriving arts scene, and a surprising dose of outdoor adventure.

A City Shaped by Great Waves

Milwaukee’s story has been shaped by water. First, there’s massive Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, that provides the city’s striking backdrop. Then, there were the waves of immigrants – Germans, Poles, Irish, and many more—who helped build Milwaukee into an industrial powerhouse in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their influence is everywhere—in the lively festivals, delicious food, and distinct neighborhoods.

Beer, Brats, and Baseball

Let’s be honest – beer is a big deal in Milwaukee. Brewing giants like Miller and Pabst were born here. You can still tour their historic breweries and maybe even sample their iconic products. Of course, no Milwaukee beer experience is complete without a traditional bratwurst sausage and a lively baseball game at the home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

More than Meets the Eye

While Milwaukee’s industrial heritage and love of good times are well-known, the city may surprise you. Did you know that the world-famous Harley-Davidson motorcycle is built right here in Milwaukee? You can immerse yourself in Harley history at their fantastic museum.

Milwaukee also boasts a stunning art museum featuring a unique moveable roof structure that resembles wings and a vibrant waterfront district that’s perfect for walking, biking, or sailing. Looking for something quirky? The Bronze Fonz, a statue of beloved sitcom character Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli, is a popular photo spot!

Did You Know? Fun Milwaukee Facts

  • Milwaukee means “good land” in an Algonquian language.
  • Milwaukee was once known as the “machine shop of the world.”
  • The typewriter was invented in Milwaukee in 1867.
  • The Milwaukee Art Museum’s rooftop wings open and close, with a wingspan comparable to a Boeing 747!
  • The city is home of the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.

Milwaukee Awaits

Milwaukee is a city with a fascinating past, a lively present, and a bright future. It’s a place of warmth and welcome, where the spirit of its history and love of a good time create a unique charm. If you’re looking for a Midwestern city that will surprise and delight you, Milwaukee should be on your list!

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