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Harry S Truman (33rd U.S. President from 1945 to 1953) is considered one of the most underrated American presidents of the 20th century. Yet, there are surprisingly few Harry S Truman quotes for such a monumental figure. However, we’ve put together a list of Harry S Truman quotes that will make you see him in a different light and prove why he was such an important and influential political leader.

20 Cool Quotes by Harry S Truman

1. You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.

2. If I hadn’t been President of the United States, I probably would have ended up a piano player in a bawdy house.

3. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

4. When you get to be President, there are all those things, the honors, the twenty-one gun salutes, all those things. You have to remember it isn’t for you. It’s for the Presidency.

5. The White House is the finest prison in the world.

6. America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.

7. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

8. I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.

9. It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.

10. If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

11. There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.

12. Richard Nixon is a no-good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.

13. It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.

14. Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

15. Actions are the seed of fate deeds that grow into destiny.

16. A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities, and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.

17. The reward of suffering is experience.

18. All the President is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing, and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway.

19. I remember when I first came to Washington. For the first six months, you wonder how the hell you ever got here. For the next six months, you wonder how the hell the rest of them ever got here.

20. Study men, not historians.

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