Sun Country Airlines: Your Budget-Friendly Adventures

Sun Country Airlines might just be the best-kept secret in budget travel. This Minnesota-based airline has been quietly connecting passengers to sunny destinations across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America since 1983. If you’re looking for a no-frills, affordable way to get away, Sun Country is a great option to consider.

What Makes Sun Country Stand Out

  • Ultra-low fares: Sun Country’s claim to fame is its incredibly low fares. They often offer amazing deals on flights, especially if you’re flexible with your travel dates.
  • Focus on leisure destinations: Sun Country knows what vacationers want – sun, sand, and good times! They specialize in routes to popular leisure destinations.
  • Growing network: Sun Country has been steadily expanding its route map, offering more choices for travelers.
  • Seasonal service: Many of their most popular routes are seasonal, allowing you to chase the good weather year-round.

Things to Know Before You Fly

  • The basics only: Sun Country falls into the ultra-low-cost carrier category. This means you’ll pay extra for things like checked bags, seat selection, and even carry-on luggage. Pack light and be prepared to pay for the extras if you need them.
  • All-economy seating: Sun Country only has one cabin class, so don’t expect lie-flat seats or fancy amenities. However, they do have a “Best Seat” option with extra legroom.
  • Limited inflight entertainment: There are no seatback screens, so bring your own device and something to watch if you want inflight entertainment.

Who is Sun Country Airlines Best For?

Sun Country is a fantastic choice for:

  • Budget-minded travelers who don’t mind sacrificing a few bells and whistles for a low fare.
  • Vacationers heading to sun-soaked destinations.
  • Adventurers who like exploring less-traveled routes.
  • People with flexible travel schedules who can take advantage of seasonal deals.

Fun Facts about Sun Country Airlines

  • Sun Country started with just one plane and a small team!
  • They’ve had a few brushes with bankruptcy over the years but are now stronger than ever.
  • Sun Country is a cargo carrier for Amazon Air. You might spot their planes with the familiar Amazon smile on the side.

Ready to give Sun Country a try? Head to their website ( to search for flights and discover their latest deals. They just might have the perfect budget-friendly getaway waiting for you!

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