The Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field, & Breaking the Curse

The Chicago Cubs have a unique place in baseball history. Their passionate fans, iconic ballpark, and a century-long championship drought shaped a unique narrative of hope, heartbreak, and ultimate triumph.

Here are 15 facts that illuminate their story:

  1. The North Siders: Nicknamed for their location in Chicago, the Cubs were also known as the Orphans and the White Stockings throughout their early history.
  2. Wrigley Field: Built in 1914, Wrigley is the second-oldest MLB ballpark and beloved for its ivy-covered walls, manual scoreboard, and intimate atmosphere.
  3. The Curse of the Billy Goat: In 1945, a tavern owner and his pet goat were denied entry to a World Series game. He allegedly cursed the Cubs, starting their infamous championship drought.
  4. 108-Year Drought: From 1908 to 2016, the Cubs suffered the longest championship drought in major North American sports, becoming known as the “Lovable Losers.”
  5. Harry Caray: The legendary broadcaster’s enthusiastic style, signature glasses, and “Holy Cow!” catchphrase made him synonymous with Cubs baseball for decades.
  6. Ernie Banks: “Mr. Cub” was an icon of optimism and joy, known for his love of the game and his famous phrase, “Let’s play two!”
  7. Ryne Sandberg: A skilled second baseman and Hall of Famer, Sandberg embodied grit and determination during his years with the Cubs.
  8. The 1969 Collapse: The ’69 Cubs led their division for most of the season but suffered a heartbreaking late-season collapse, adding to their lore.
  9. Steve Bartman Incident: During a crucial 2003 playoff game, fan Steve Bartman interfered with a foul ball, becoming a scapegoat for the Cubs’ subsequent playoff loss.
  10. The 2016 World Series Champions: Breaking the 108-year curse, the 2016 Cubs won a thrilling, come-from-behind World Series against the Cleveland Indians, leading to city-wide celebrations.
  11. Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, & Javier Baez: This trio of young stars formed the core of the 2016 championship team and thrilled fans with their talent and charisma.
  12. Ron Santo: This beloved third baseman, known for his on-field enthusiasm and post-career broadcasting, became a Cubs legend.
  13. Bleacher Bums: Cubs fans known to sit in the iconic Wrigley Field bleachers have a reputation for their boisterous support and playful heckling.
  14. “Go Cubs Go!”: The Cubs’ victory song, often sung by fans after wins, is a celebratory anthem synonymous with the team.
  15. The Marquee: Wrigley Field’s historic red marquee sign outside the ballpark is a symbol of the Cubs and a beloved Chicago landmark.

Conclusion:┬áThe Chicago Cubs‘ story is a baseball epic filled with heartbreak, resilience, and the unwavering loyalty of generations of fans. Their eventual triumph in 2016 solidified their place in sports history and proved that even the longest curses can be broken.

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