The Seattle Mariners: Pacific Northwest Pride

The Seattle Mariners, often simply called the M’s, are a beloved team with a loyal fanbase and a history filled with both heartbreak and inspiring moments.

Here are 15 facts about their history:

  1. Late Arrival in Seattle: The Mariners didn’t join Major League Baseball until 1977, making them a relatively young franchise.
  2. Drought and Dedication: Although they’ve made the playoffs several times, the Mariners hold the longest active playoff drought in major North American professional sports. Still, fans have remained steadfast in their support.
  3. The Kingdome: The Mariners originally played in the cavernous and noisy Kingdome, a multi-purpose stadium that was demolished in 2000.
  4. T-Mobile Park: Known for its retractable roof and lively atmosphere, T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco Field) has been home to the Mariners since 1999.
  5. Ken Griffey Jr.: Nicknamed “The Kid,” Griffey Jr. was the face of the franchise in the 1990s, thrilling fans with his electrifying play, iconic swing, and backward cap.
  6. The 1995 Miracle Run: Led by Griffey Jr. and an improbable late-season surge, the Mariners made a magical run to the playoffs in 1995, saving baseball in Seattle.
  7. Edgar Martinez: A Seattle legend, Martinez was known as one of the best designated hitters of all time, revered for his clutch hitting.
  8. Ichiro Suzuki: A Japanese sensation, Ichiro joined the Mariners in 2001 and electrified fans with his speed, uncanny batting average, and laser-beam throws from the outfield.
  9. Jamie Moyer: A crafty veteran pitcher, Moyer joined the Mariners in his 40s and became known for his slow, yet deceptive, pitches and longevity.
  10. Randy Johnson: “The Big Unit,” an intimidating pitcher with a blazing fastball, dominated batters during his time in Seattle.
  11. Félix Hernández: Known as “King Félix,” Hernández was an ace pitcher, beloved for his passion and dominance on the mound.
  12. The “Refuse to Lose” Mentality: The Mariners have become known for their late-game heroics and a spirit encapsulated by the phrase “Refuse to Lose.”
  13. Julio Rodríguez: The current Mariners superstar outfielder, Rodríguez is a dynamic young player with explosive power and undeniable charisma.
  14. The Trident: The Mariners logo features a prominent trident, symbolizing a connection to Seattle‘s maritime heritage.
  15. The Mariner Moose: This enthusiastic mascot embodies the playful and energetic spirit of the Seattle Mariners fanbase.

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