15 Little-Known Facts About the Chicago Bears

The Bears have one of the NFL’s richest histories, filled with legendary players, iconic moments, and a passionate fanbase.

Let’s dig into some fun facts about the Bears:

  1. Decatur Staleys: The Bears were founded in 1919 as the Decatur Staleys, changing their name to the Chicago Bears in 1922 after moving to the Windy City.
  2. Papa Bear: Coach and owner George Halas was known as “Papa Bear,” a founding father of the NFL and a larger-than-life figure for the Bears. The team is now owned by his daughter: Virginia Halas McCaskey.
  3. Monsters of the Midway: The dominant Bears defenses of the 1940s and the legendary 1985 team earned this fearsome nickname.
  4. Record-Setting Blowout: In 1940, the Bears demolished the Redskins 73-0 in the NFL championship game, the largest margin of victory in NFL history.
  5. Gale Sayers’ Story: Running back Gale Sayers captivated the league with his dazzling play, but his career was cut short due to injuries. His story became even more poignant with his later health struggles.
  6. Da Coach: Mike Ditka was a force of nature as player and coach, embodying the tough, gritty personality of the Bears during his time.
  7. The Super Bowl Shuffle: The 1985 Bears became pop culture icons with their “Super Bowl Shuffle” rap song and video, reflecting their swagger and confidence.
  8. Fridge Power: Defensive lineman William “Refrigerator” Perry became a cult hero and fan favorite known for his size and occasional touchdown runs.
  9. Walter Payton’s Greatness: “Sweetness” Walter Payton was not only the greatest Bear ever, but considered one of the best running backs in NFL history.
  10. Defense Wins Championships: The 1985 Bears are often considered one of the most dominant teams ever, fueled by Buddy Ryan’s innovative 46 defense.
  11. Soldier Field Tradition: The Bears play in historic Soldier Field, a lakeshore landmark that has hosted the team since 1971.
  12. Long Title Drought: Despite early championships, the Bears’ lone Super Bowl win since the merger was in 1985, leaving fans longing for another championship.
  13. Brian Piccolo Award: This team award honors Brian Piccolo, a Bears running back who tragically passed away from cancer, recognizing teammates who display courage and teamwork.
  14. McCaskey Family: The Bears are one of the few NFL teams to remain under continuous family ownership, with the McCaskeys leading the team since its inception.
  15. Fan Dedication: Bears fans are known as among the most loyal in the NFL, enduring tough seasons and cold weather with unwavering support.

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