15 Little Known Facts about the Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes bring hockey to the desert, with a loyal fanbase and a history marked by resilience. But beneath the howling coyote logo and the current intimacy of Mullett Arena lies a wealth of interesting tales. Get ready to discover the lesser-known side of hockey in the Southwest.

15 Little Known Facts about the Arizona Coyotes

  1. Winnipeg Jets Origins:
    • The Coyotes franchise began as the original Winnipeg Jets in 1972, relocating to Arizona in 1996.
  2. The “White Out” Tradition:
    • Original Jets fans started a “White Out” tradition, wearing all white at playoff games, which briefly continued in the early years in Arizona.
  3. Tkachuk the Terrier:
    • Keith Tkachuk, known for his gritty and skilled play, became an iconic captain and fan favorite during the early Arizona years.
  4. Doan’s Dedication:
    • Shane Doan played his entire NHL career with the Coyotes franchise (both in Winnipeg and Arizona), becoming the face of the team.
  5. Roenick’s Scoring Flair:
    • Jeremy Roenick was an electric goal scorer and unique personality who became popular with fans for his exciting play.
  6. Gretzky’s Coaching Stint:
    • Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky coached the Coyotes from 2005 to 2009, adding another chapter to his historic career.
  7. Ownership Turmoil:
    • The Coyotes have faced numerous ownership changes and financial uncertainty throughout their existence.
  8. Arena (and many names):
    • The Coyotes have played in multiple arenas, most notably Glendale’s Arena (now Gila River Arena).
  9. Making it Work in the Desert:
    • Growing hockey in a non-traditional market has been a constant challenge and point of pride for the Coyotes organization.
  10. Oliver Ekman-Larsson: The Leader:
    • Oliver Ekman-Larsson, a skilled defenseman, served as captain for several years, leading by example on and off the ice.
  11. The Kachina Comeback:
    • The Coyotes brought back their iconic “Kachina” jerseys as alternates, sparking nostalgia and a fresh visual identity.
  12. The Road Warrior Years:
    • After leaving Glendale’s arena, the Coyotes played several seasons in the smaller Arizona State University arena, creating a unique, intimate atmosphere.
  13. Auston Matthews: A Hometown Hero:
    • Before becoming an NHL superstar with the Maple Leafs, Auston Matthews grew up in Arizona, rooting for the Coyotes.
  14. Mullett Arena Mania:
    • The Coyotes are currently playing in Arizona State University’s Mullett Arena, the smallest capacity arena in the NHL, generating both interest and challenges.
  15. Loyal Desert Fans:
    • Despite the ups and downs, the Coyotes have a dedicated core of fans who passionately support them in Arizona.

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