15 Little Known Facts about the San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks are known for their fast-paced style, devoted fanbase in the “Shark Tank,” and their ongoing quest for that elusive first Stanley Cup. But there’s more to their story! Dive in and discover the surprising facets of this Californian hockey franchise.

15 Little Known Facts about the San Jose Sharks

  1. Expansion Origins:
    • The Sharks entered the NHL as an expansion team in 1991, along with the Ottawa Senators.
  2. Cow Palace Beginnings:
    • The Sharks originally played in the Daly City Cow Palace, a quirky arena known for its livestock shows.
  3. Teal from the Start:
    • The Sharks’ distinctive teal color scheme was a bold choice from the very beginning, breaking away from traditional hockey colors.
  4. Early Struggles:
    • Like many expansion teams, the Sharks endured difficult early seasons, with losing records and sparse crowds.
  5. Arrival of a Superstar:
    • The acquisition of Owen Nolan in 1995 propelled the Sharks forward. His powerful style and goal-scoring became synonymous with the team’s rise.
  6. Thornton & Marleau: Franchise Icons:
    • Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau became the faces of the franchise, playing numerous seasons and being beloved by fans for their on-ice leadership and off-ice contributions.
  7. The “Hertl Hurdle”:
    • Tomas Hertl’s memorable between-the-legs goal in 2013 became a viral sensation and a highlight of the young player’s career.
  8. Cowell the Mascot:
    • Named after the team’s former arena, S.J. Sharkie (formerly known as “Cowell”) is their adventurous shark mascot.
  9. The 2016 Cup Run:
    • After years of playoff frustration, the Sharks made a thrilling run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2016, falling just short in a heartbreaking six-game series.
  10. Playoff Warriors:
    • Despite never winning the Cup, the Sharks have become known for their regular playoff appearances and deep runs, establishing a reputation as a perennial contender.
  11. The Giant Squid Rivalry:
    • The Sharks’ heated rivalry with the Los Angeles Kings is one of California’s biggest sports clashes.
  12. Doug Wilson: Mr. Shark:
    • Doug Wilson, a legendary defenseman and later the team’s General Manager, embodies the team’s identity with his long and distinguished association with the franchise.
  13. Loud and Proud at “The Tank”:
    • SAP Center (formerly known as the “Shark Tank”) is known for its energetic atmosphere and the iconic shark head entrance, creating an intimidating environment.
  14. Pavelski’s Captaincy:
    • Joe Pavelski served as captain before signing with Dallas and became known for his gritty play and leadership on and off the ice.
  15. Supporting the Community:
    • The Sharks are involved with youth hockey and charitable causes throughout the Bay Area, highlighting their commitment to making a positive impact both on and off the ice.

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