Little Known Facts about the Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars are known for their passionate fanbase, a classic jersey design, and their Stanley Cup victory in 1999. But there’s more to the story! Journey beneath the Lone Star state‘s hockey history and discover the surprising facets of this Texas team.

15 Little Known Facts about the Dallas Stars

  1. Minnesota Roots:
    • The Dallas Stars began life as the Minnesota North Stars in 1967 and moved to Texas in 1993.
  2. The “Modano Era”:
    • Mike Modano is considered the greatest Dallas Star, holding the franchise records for points and goals. He put hockey on the map in Texas.
  3. French Connection Star:
    • Guy Carbonneau was a star center and captain during the early Dallas years, known for his defensive skill and leadership.
  4. The “Hull Yeah!” Controversy:
    • The Stanley Cup-winning goal scored by Brett Hull in 1999 remains highly debated as his skate might have been in the crease, leaving a question about the goal’s legitimacy.
  5. Hitchcock the Mastermind:
    • Ken Hitchcock’s defensive-minded coaching led the Stars to their 1999 Cup victory, transforming them into a championship team.
  6. Belfour the Eccentric:
    • “Eddie the Eagle,” goalie Ed Belfour, was a fan favorite known for his acrobatic saves and superstitious pre-game rituals.
  7. The “Mooterus” Debacle:
    • A mascot experiment backfired when the Stars introduced the “Mooterus”: a green alien cow creature that was widely panned and swiftly discarded.
  8. Zubov’s Legacy:
    • Russian defenseman Sergei Zubov was a key piece of the Stars‘ championship teams, his offensive flair and smooth skating making him a fan favorite.
  9. “Victory Green” Takes Hold:
    • The Stars adopted their iconic “Victory Green” jerseys in 2007, becoming synonymous with the team’s modern identity.
  10. Nieuwy the Captain:
    • Brenden Morrow, known for his hard-hitting and gritty style, was a beloved captain, symbolizing the Stars’ toughness.
  11. Seguin and Benn: Dynamic Duo:
    • The high-scoring duo of Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn led the Stars’ offensive resurgence in the 2010s, known for their skill and chemistry.
  12. A Star Between the Pipes:
    • Marty Turco was a reliable starting goalie for the Stars in the 2000s, providing stability in net.
  13. Loud and Proud at the AAC:
    • American Airlines Center is known for its energetic crowds and loud atmosphere, creating a formidable home-ice advantage.
  14. Texas-Sized Playoffs Battles:
    • The Stars have forged fierce rivalries with other Texas-based teams over the years, notably the San Jose Sharks.
  15. Community Commitment:
    • The Dallas Stars Foundation supports charitable initiatives throughout the Texas community, including youth hockey programs.

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