Playful, Fun Little-Known Facts About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, the Steel City, is known for its sports fanaticism, bridges, and industrial grit. But beyond the black and gold, this resilient city holds hidden charms and a treasure trove of surprising stories. Let’s uncover some of Pittsburgh’s quirky secrets:

  1. French Fries on Sandwiches?: Primanti Bros. is a Pittsburgh institution, famous for piling fries and coleslaw directly ON their sandwiches.
  2. Bridge City Champ: Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, Italy (446!), earning its nickname, the “City of Bridges”.
  3. Mr. Rogers‘ Neighborhood: Beloved children’s TV icon Fred Rogers filmed his show in Pittsburgh and called the city home.
  4. Pittsburgh-ese: Locals speak with a unique dialect, with words like “yinz” (you all), “redd up” (clean), and calling rubber bands “gum bands”.
  5. Cookie Table Tradition: Weddings in Pittsburgh often feature a massive cookie table, a tradition showcasing the baking prowess of family and friends.
  6. Ketchup Pioneer: Heinz was founded in Pittsburgh, and the iconic ketchup bottle design hails from the city.
  7. Steep Streets: Canton Avenue boasts a crazy 37% grade, making it one of the steepest streets in the US.
  8. The Chair Shot Heard ‘Round the World”: A wild pro wrestling moment gone viral involved a Pittsburgh arena, a wrestler, and a folding chair.
  9. Zombie Movie Mecca: George Romero filmed his classic “Night of the Living Dead” near Pittsburgh, igniting the modern zombie film craze.
  10. Medical Marvels: Pittsburgh is a center for medical research and innovation, with the first polio vaccine developed here.
  11. Inclines for the Win: The Duquesne and Monongahela Inclines offer stunning city views and a unique mode of transportation up steep hillsides.
  12. First Gas Station: Records are a little fuzzy, but Pittsburgh claims to be home to the first-ever dedicated gas station, circa 1913.
  13. The Original Ferris Wheel: The world’s first Ferris Wheel debuted in 1893…not in Chicago, but originally in Pittsburgh!
  14. Fort Pitt’s Blockhouse: The oldest building in Western Pennsylvania is the Fort Pitt Blockhouse, dating back to 1764, a remnant of the city’s frontier days.
  15. Phipps Conservatory: This Victorian-era glasshouse is an oasis of botanical beauty in the heart of Oakland.

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