The United States Army is the most powerful army in the world, and it is not even close. The next 2 biggest military countries; China and Russia can flex their muscles all they want and are formidable, but they cannot win a war one vs one against the United States. The US leads in almost every category, and in this article, we are going to share with you some interesting facts about the US military.

“The United States must be ready to fight 2 major wars at all times at the same time.” – US Military Doctrine

1. The US’s current military facts and some statistics:

  • Active Personnel: 1,400,000
  • Reserve Personnel: 860,000
  • Estimated total military personnel: 2,260,000

2. These are the official known branches of the US Military: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, National Guard, Space Force and Marine Corps. There are active duty forces and reserve forces used as needed.


3. The Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces is the President of the United States, and the Secretary of Defense is the head of the Defense Department. The Department of Homeland Security is in charge of the Coast Guard. Nothing happens without the okay from the US President.

4. Older than the nation: before the United States was even country, the military existed but back then it was called “The Continental Army”. It was established and led by George Washington against the British as the new nation won its independence from the United Kingdom.

5. Before adopting the famous khaki uniforms, the US army wore blue shorts during the 1890’s. Now the Army uses computer generated, pixelated camouflage uniforms.


The Military

6. The largest employer in the US: With over 3 million employees, the United States Defense Department is the largest employer in the US, while Walmart is in second place with an estimated 1.5 million employees.

7. The Largest military budget in the world – 650 billion dollars: on the surface, it is crazy to think that the US Military Budget is larger than the next 9 countries combined. As the largest employer in the country, there many, many expenses.

8. The Armed Forces consume almost 1 billion gallons of fuel every year – that is a lot of fuel.

9. Located in Washington DC, the Pentagon is the official Headquarters of the US Army, the largest building in the world.

10. The Military grows each year – it is estimated that at least 70,000 people enroll into the US Military.

11. The US Army has over 700 military bases around the world, ready to deploy at any time – a symbol of the United States military power and dominance. No wonder why there hasn’t been a World War 3.

12. November 11 is an important date for the US. This day is called Veteran’s Day, a day to honor and remember all those served in the Armed Forces.

13. Nicknamed “The Old Guard”; the 3rd US Infantry Regiment are the oldest active-duty infantry unit in the US Armed Forced – 1784.

14. The GPS in car or phone? Yep, the US Military is charge of it and has the power to shut it down.

15. Despite its nuclear arsenal being reduced immensely since the cold war, the US still has the most nuclear weapons in the world, followed by Russia.

16. Along with 400,000 US active duty veterans, Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington in Virginia is also home to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

17. Military Working Dogs are very important to the US Military and are given full military honors. Over 2700 of them are constantly deployed around the world saving thousands of soldiers from explosives and other things.

18. As great as it is to be part of the greatest fighting force in the world, US soldiers are more likely to be homeless, develop mental issues such as PSD and others – a very high price to pay.

19. A really cool fact about the US Army is this: at least 30 of the 45 US Presidents served in the military in some form or fashion. So this means most of our commanders in chiefs have a military background.